Active kids do better in life.

The Evidence is Clear.
Sports Change Lives.

Sports and exercise can play a pivotal role in improving the social determinants of health.

Yet proximity to sporting activities and costs associated with playing can create barriers to sports for youth. That’s why the Sports Fun(d) model is to partner with existing sports programming organizations and provide grants that help expand and create additional, affordable and sustainable recreational sports leagues and activities in the neighborhoods where kids live.

By helping to establish and expand affordable and sustainable recreational sports leagues in Louisville’s underserved neighborhoods, we’re removing obstacles to allow more kids to play.

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Now is the time

The impact of COVID-19 has reached the playing fields of youth sports, and economically disadvantaged areas have been hit the hardest. In a year highlighted by calls for racial and socio-economic equality, we need to pay attention to the area of sports and youth health. We need systems that make it easy to support and participate in youth sports. More sports, more kids, more places—more play. If you have ideas, an underused facility, a club that’s in re-invention mode or you just want to help with your time, talent or treasure, reach out to SportsFun(d). Together we can build the future of youth sports in our community for all kids.